Jul 30 2010

Happy: Quiet Moments, New Friends, Adventure

Jamie Lee

Today, I’m coming home to Suddenly Thursday after a long absence. Though I have been silent on the digital front, my Real World days have been enveloped in an always-present spiral of ideas and dreams that are slowly leading me to a new adventure, tugging on my heart, pulling me along, one step at a time.

I’m inspired to return here – somewhat spontaneously given that my original plans for the day did not involve a stop over at Suddenly Thursday – by a new friend, though since we’ve only just met, perhaps it is too soon to invoke that label. Her name is Jamie Ridler (Yes! Another Jamie). Today’s post is in response to her lovely “Happy Book Mail Around” – a bloggy event that takes place each Friday.

So – the point is to share things that have made me happy this week. For starters – friends. I am so grateful for all the friends in my life – old and new – and the joy they bring me. I am also so grateful that we are able to stay in touch through the pixels and code of the internet. If it weren’t for the magic of my modem, I’d be a lonely girl. I adore seeing local friends in the Real World, but sometimes life makes that challenging; it’s so nice to be able to share ideas, observations, wishes, and even hugs with a few taps of the keyboard. Just yesterday, I had a lovely conversation with two friends who, as it turned out, share some passions between them. We traded thoughts throughout the day, ending with gratitude for the way the internet brings us closer. As one friend put it, “interconnectedness promotes peace, understanding and friendship!”

Although my week has been hectic beyond words, with the my self-imposed expectations weighing heavy on my mind and shoulders, I have managed to carve out a few moments each day to walk out into the world and just look and listen and breathe. This is a leaf that I came across on one such walk – bedecked in dewey jewels that shone like diamonds in the early morning sunlight. The beauty of it stopped me in my tracks and reassured me that there is still magic in the world, and the magic matters.

Happy, happy Friday. Enjoy the adventure!